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Work package WP-4

On-the-job training programmes

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• to gather information on the capacities, in terms of subjects, number of places, timing, et cetera of the training providers and other organisations to welcome trainees;
• to examine the lessons learnt from the previous experiences related to the “On-the-Job” training
• to develop new OJT approaches in RP

Description of work:
• to identify field(s) where OJT is especially required (and provided);
• to provide and to analyse the feedback from cases-studies using existing OJT programmes;
• to evaluate the legislative requirements with regards to OJT in RP in various EU Member States;
• to compare the different practical approaches to OJT in the EU Member States;
• to investigate the practical transformation e.g. position in industry, practicals, short term job opportunities;
• to examine the possibility of OJT opportunities for young scientists, in particular from Central and Eastern European countries.

WD.05 : Report on the Lessons learnt from On the Job Training

Milestones and expected result: