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Work package WP-3

Recognition of competencies and diplomas

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• to analyse the various levels and varieties of expert qualifications as published in the national legislation of the various countries;
• to compare the conditions for the recognition of the RPEs in each country;
• to compare the complementary conditions dealing with the recognition of the training provided by other countries that the one where the demand for agreement is introduced;
• to recommend on a possible common basis for criteria for mutual recognition of competencies and diplomas.

Description of work:
• to elaborate and send a questionnaire in order to collect from each EU Member State information on the level of recognition, the initial education’s requirements, the conditions regarding the theoretical and practical training;
• to collect information on the basic requirements which should be fulfilled in each EU Member State in order to establish a system of mutual recognition of RPEs and course diplomas.

WD.07 : Recognition of the RP Training : Recommendations to the EU

Milestones and expected result: