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Work package WP-2

Assessment of training needs and capabilities

Work package number 2 Start date or starting event: To + 3        
Participant 8 5          
Person-months per participant 3.00 2.00          

• to get quantitative figures of RPEs working in each EU member, accessing and candidate state;
• to examine the actual capabilities concerning the E&T in RP and the fields they are covering;
• to define more precisely the context of the needs and the capacities concerning RP training in the future as well as the potential users.

Description of work:
• to prepare and to send a questionnaire for the collection of quantitative data;
• to analyse the answers;
• to elaborate the evolution for the next years;
• to identify priority areas for RP training in the future.

WD.04 : Report on Training Needs and Capabilities

Milestones and expected result: